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signs you might be a canadian teacher

10 Signs You Might Be A Canadian Teacher

Being a teacher in The Great White North comes with many interesting moments that others across the globe may never understand. I’ve compiled a list of 10 signs that you might be a Canadian teacher below.

1. You become an expert in analyzing graphs and hourly reports on The Weather Network the night before a snowstorm.

Snow Day Signs You're A Canadian Teacher

2. You are pretty pumped up when it is poutine day in the school cafeteria.

Canadian Teacher Poutine

3. You can be found wearing a toque when you have outside supervision.

Canadian Teacher Toque

4.”Eh” is more than just the grade you give your keener students.

5. If a Canadian hockey team plays an important game during school hours, you throw out the lesson plan and turn on the projector.

Hockey Goaltender

6. The food and drink of the staff meetings often include Timbits and double-doubles.


7. Your red pen is always ready to correct your students’ non-Canadian spelling errors.

Red Pen Marking

8. During fundraisers, your classroom desk overflows with toonies and loonies.

Toonies and Loonies

9. You would mark the following as correct: 100-1 = “The Great One.”

The Great One

10. No one raises an eyebrow when you say you are sneaking out to Tim’s on your prep.

Coffee Beans Teacher Tims

If you are a Canadian teacher, I am sure you can relate to most of these. If you are from another country, it is quite possible that you are very confused! Being a teacher in The Great White North has its interesting quirks, but we wouldn’t change a thing.

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