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Bulletin Board Ideas For Middle & High School English

Decorating for middle and high school students can be tricky.  You need to strike a balance between something that it visually appealing, but also relates to or enhances your content.  Below are a list of my absolute favorite bulletin board ideas for secondary English.

Author Social Media Profiles: 

When I first started teaching, I purchased posters with biographical information about famous English authors and proudly displayed them on my back bulletin board. Sadly, no one looked at them.  Okay, that’s not entirely true.  I had the occasional, “Awesome! This dude’s last name is Bacon” comment, but it didn’t exactly get my students excited about English literary history.

I was on social media one night and saw the word TIMELINE in bold on my profile and thought “Eureka! I will create an author timeline.”  I was just going to make a profile for William Shakespeare, but I got out of control and ended up making 30.   For each I added a profile picture of the author, quotes for a status update, interesting info on the side, and a timeline of the author’s life.

Author Social Media Pages

It was quite an undertaking, but I learned some incredibly strange tidbits about some of the authors I love. For example,

  • Maya Angelou was the first African American female cable car conductor.
  • Actor and comedian, Mike Myers, is a descendent of William Wordsworth (first cousins 7 times removed).  Ummm, huh?
  • Ernest Hemingway had a six-toed cat, and many cats living in the Hemingway Key West Museum are descended from that original cat and also have six toes.  Weird.

2.  Quotes  & Author Hashtags  

Posting inspirational quotes in the classroom is by no means an original idea. I’m sure you can bring your mind back to your own middle/high school classroom and remember some of the quote posters your teachers displayed.  In the last few years; however, quotes have had a surge of popularity in that they are posted, liked, and shared on the virtual bulletin boards that are Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Students love to find that perfect quote that connects with how they are feeling and share it for the world to see.  In my classroom, I like to share quotes from famous authors or from the novels/short stories/plays that we will be studying.  I compiled some of my favorite quotes and created a Quote Of The Week Resource.


If you want to create a fresh bulletin board to display quotes, consider creating “Author Hashtags” where you write the quote and hashtag the author’s name, the written work it comes from, the date of publication, or any other category you see fit (genre, era etc).  If you are interested, click here to see some Shakespeare Hashtags I created that make a unique class display.

Shakespeare Quote Posters

3. Interactive Exit Pass Board

Create an interactive exit pass bulletin board dedicated to students demonstrating their learning in your class.  There are so many options to choose from, but my favorite is Hashtags About Today’s Lesson (it’s free!) where students can write a social media update about something they learned in class that day.  I print in color, laminate, and have students use dry erase markers so you can reuse them again.  It is a useful formative assessment to check which of your students are struggling with the concept.   

4. Grammar Error Corner 

Who doesn’t love a great grammar joke?  Find an area in your classroom where you can share hilarious grammar posters or funny grammar mistakes to get your students  laughing! These posters always catch my students’ attention.  Click HERE to see a bundle of grammar posters. If you click the image below, you can download one of these posters for free!

Classroom Grammar Posters

5. Creative Classroom Rules Posters

The posters that most often get ignored in middle & high classrooms: THE RULES.

I tried to find a way to make my classroom rules posters more appealing by connecting them to famous quotes.  My students may not want to listen to me, but when Martin Luther King, Shakespeare, and Amelia Earhart are telling them to arrive on time prepared with a positive attitude, maybe they will listen.  Okay, probably not, but at least I will have a calming bulletin board to look at when that student strolls in 10 minutes after the bell.

Class Rules Posters

6. Literary Genres Posters

The dreaded phrase every English teacher despises: “I don’t like to read.”  When a student says this, refer them to these posters to find a genre they might be interested in.  Once they find one, have them do a bit of online research to find popular books in that genre.  It is an easy way for you to help steer your students in the right direction for book choice.

These posters have also been a great reference during class instruction when we are discussing genre.  If students are not sure how to categorize a particular reading, I ask them to refer to the board to help them decide under what genre(s) the text falls.

Literary Genres Posters

7. Joke Of The Week Board

Everyone loves a good pun, especially from the nerdy English teacher.  Yes, your students will sigh, call you a cheesy dork, and roll their eyes when they see your Joke Of The Day bulletin board, but I can guarantee that they will also tell that joke to their friends or family later that day.

Joke of the Week

8. Interactive Literary Term Board

Dedicate a bulletin board in your classroom to introducing a new literary term to your students each week.  I usually introduce a new term on Monday, put up the word on the bulletin board with the definition.  The board can also become interactive by having students add post-its around the definition with their own examples of the term in use (in movies, music, novels, comics, commercials, songs etc.).  If you want them to actually participate, make it an activity in class, or use it as a way to provide extra credit.

Literary Terms Posters

9. Idiom Of The Week Posters

I created posters with English idioms when I was teaching early middle school.  It would work best at this level, but I have also found it to have some use even in high school.  You would be surprised at how many English idioms are not familiar to high school students.  The bulletin board was also incredibly popular with international students whose first language was not English.  Do you know how confusing idioms can be to someone who is a second language learner?   You might wonder why they have that confused look on their face when you say the test will be a piece of cake, or that if they want an A+ they have to go the extra mile and hit the books.  English is confusing.

Idiom Of The Week

10. English is Weird 

Show your students how strange and crazy the English language can be by decorating your bulletin board with funny posters that allow students to consider an illogical or surprising nature of the English language. Your students will definitely take notice of the display, and you may even get a few laughs!

English is Weird


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