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5 Awards that Most Teachers Should Receive

I don’t know about you, but I think teachers deserve a whole lot of praise for all they do in a day! One of my favorite ways to end the school year is to bring some laughter to the final staff meeting by sharing some hilarious and incredibly accurate teacher and staff awards. Teacher awards are a fun and light-hearted way to end the year, but there are some awards that I think every teacher could receive or at least relate to, so here are 5 that you likely deserve.

1. The Caffeine Addict Award

Are there any teachers at your school who might as well be hooked up to a coffee-filled IV? The Caffeine Addict Award is for that special someone who needs their caffeine fix before entering their classroom each morning (and again at lunch and maybe one at the end of the day). Give this to an educator who you rarely see without a cup of joe in their hands, or who is your go-to person with which you like to go for a coffee.

Caffeine Addict Teacher Award

2. The Teacher Face Award

If there’s one thing that most teachers have in common, it’s the ability to silence a room with a single look. The “teacher face” is a kind of superpower, and with great power comes great responsibility. Still, we all know someone who might be inclined to use their teacher face outside of the classroom context—maybe they’ve quieted some strangers’ children at a restaurant once or twice.  They can’t help it. Their “teacher face” is just too strong. Celebrate this highly adept individual with the Teacher Face Award.

The Teacher Face Teacher Award

3. The Lunch on the Run Award

As a teacher, you know that lunch hour is a luxury, and you’re likely quite used to having yours disrupted to do extra help, catch up on grading, meet with students, do lunch duty, etc. Teachers are not strangers to having to eat on the run. This next award is for the teacher who, even more often than most, you may see busily rushing down the hall quickly eating their meal. Show them you recognize and relate to the struggle with the Lunch on the Run Award.

The Lunch on the Run Teaching Award

4. The Supply Shopaholic Award

I’ve heard this quote before, and it rings true: “Teaching, the only profession where you steal supplies from home and bring them to work.” Although it seems backwards, it’s really the way it is…

The fact that teachers often have to pay for the supplies they need for their classrooms out of their own pockets is an unfortunate truth and a rant for another day. With all this said, however, you might know someone who takes a lot of joy in stocking up on new school supplies, so much so that it verges on addiction! Give this teacher the Supply Shopaholic Award.

Supply Shopaholic Teacher Awards

5. The Copier Jam Award

Last but not least is the Copier Jam Award. This award goes to a teacher who always seems to find themselves in front of a jammed photocopier. Let’s be honest, though, this award could go to any teacher; the school photocopier is rarely in working order. It’s always jammed, or it’s out of paper, or the machine just isn’t working properly—it’s always something. All teachers should get an award for putting up with this alone!

The Copier Jam Teacher Award

There you have it: 5 awards that most teachers should receive. I hope you find the perfect teacher award for your fellow educators. If you want to grab a collection of ready-to-print school staff/teacher awards, click the image below. In another post, I give tips for hosting a fun teacher awards ceremony. Click here to check that out!

5 Awards that Most Teachers Should Receive Shop This Post

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